16 Οκτ 2014

WISH LIST: Kitchen Accessories

Decor me, please!

After sharing ideas on how to give your kitchen an organized, but yet stylish, warm and inviting feel, I have rounded up wish-list-worthy items for charming touches. Retro utility carts, graphic bowls, modern fruit bowls, fun salt and pepper mills, colorful pots, sleek soap dispensers and jars, are functional, affordable and most importantly too pretty to hide away. Let your personal objects shine!


1. PEUGEOT_Salt & Pepper Mills / 2. Koziol_Wall Clock Silk/  3. TIGER_Bowls /4. IKEA_CACTACEAE Potted Plants with Pots / 5. IKEA_ RASKOG Kitchen Trolley / 6. IKEA_TRADIG Fruit Bowl / 7. H&M Home_ Glass Jar with a Lid/ 8. H&M Home_Glass Soap Pump

14 Οκτ 2014

THINK CREATIVE: How to Style your Kitchen

I love eating and I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, as well as having people around. One of the biggest challenges, when I first moved in the city apartment with MrA, was to style a very old kitchen and later on to decorate a new, modern space that looked almost "clinical" without any accessories. 

In both cases, my aim was to create an efficient, organized, but yet stylish kitchen. I was looking for space-saving storage solutions, so that I could have enough countertop space for food preparation, but at the same time to display utility items that would add a bit more personality and warmth to our kitchen, without creating a visual clutter. 

 { Inspiration Board #1 }

Here are some ideas on how to create a stylish culinary stage that reflects your personality:

Turn clutter into décor 
Branded packaged goods on countertops can create a visual clutter. Glass jars with sleek handwritten labels for dry goods (cereal, sugar, coffee, pasta etc), as well as pretty dispensers for oil, vinegar and soap bring  a sense of stylish uniformity to the kitchen. Everyday kitchen items, like knives and colorful mugs, can double act as wall décor, while it's easy to grab.

Store smarter 
Smaller appliances (kettle, microwave, coffee machine etc) that often take up precious countertop space can find home in space-saving utility carts. Similarly, open shelving stocked with bright dishware and stovetops with stainless steel or copper cookware is utility doubling as décor. 

Think green 
Bringing in green does wonders for any windowsill or kitchen countertop. Pots with fresh herbs for cooking are ideal for kitchens with daylight, whereas succulents and cacti last forever and thrive indoors. Similarly, colorful fresh fruits and veggies in stylish bowls help to perk up the space.

Brighten things up 
While we love a clean white kitchen, a pop of color breaks up the crisp palette and brings out the warmth of the space. It's amazing what an impact can make swapping out cupboard knobs or a few colorful pots, pans, mixing bowls, tea towels and kitchen art prints against a neutral-toned backdrop of woods and whites. 

Take inspiration from others 
Stay curious and take inspiration from other people’s spaces, but do not attempt to replicate them. Accessorizing helps to create spaces that reflect your personality. The best places for hunting down inspiration are Pinterest and blogs.

  { Inspiration Board #2}
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 Let the Kitchen Makeover Begin!

Inspiration Board #1: 1 (left), 2 (top, right), 3 (bottom, right)

6 Οκτ 2014

THINK BIG: Books On My Nightstand / The Sense of an Ending

As I am getting older and faced with life’s challenges, I realize that much of what I thought was important for my younger self  is rendered utterly irrelevant by the passing of time. Meanings shift and change. Tony Webster, a retired middle-aged divorcee and narrator of The Sense of an Ending , comes to a similar realization.

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes is a compact, contemporary novel of only 150 pages, but jampacked with a skillfully plotted story about friendship, youth suicide, eros (sexual love) and thanatos (death), loss, affairs, pregnancy, remorse, the complexity of the human heart, the fragmentary nature of memory, the passage of time, and with a strong mystery at the core of it. "History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation." p.59

A warning though, its effect can be disturbing, leaving you unsettled and frustrated once you reach the story’s ending. The enigmas, as well as the stunning psychological and emotional depth it offers sum up the pleasure of the book. No wonder it gained the reputation for being the book that you must read twice to search "sense" in a hazy "ending".

A rainy week ahead of us calls for more books on my nightstand. Here’s what’s on my October reading list:

The Goldfinch  by Donna Tartt
A lengthy novel that keeps me awake at nights. I challenge you to tackle its 864 gripping pages! However, if you are not up to the challenge, you could pickup Tartt’s other slightly shorter but equally acclaimed novel, The Secret History.

Gone Girl  by Gillian Flynn
Another mystery novel with plot twists and a grand finale that I am itching to discover before watching the movie, which has hit the big screen in Greece.

Now it’s your turn! Please let me know of any books you highly recommend.

Have a good read and a wonderful week!

4 Οκτ 2014

THINK PINK: Autumnal Beauty

Crisp autumnal weather calls for more and deeper color and therefore typically, around this time of the year, I go ever so slightly moodier with my makeup for a more dramatic look. 

I pull from my summer make-up bag Rimmel’s ScandalEyes (here) super-creamy eye shadow pencil in "Bad Bronze" and by smudging the warm, coppery hue along the lower and top lash lines, I create a two-dimensional smoky eye, instantly giving that bit of drama I need. If a stronger eye is more your cup of tea, use all over the lid the glimmering wash of  reddish-pink, "Coppering" eye shadow by Mac or place it strategically, like me, for a small pop of color to spark up your gaze without feeling severe.

"Victoria" (here), a deep cherry shade by Nails Inc, is my seductive, autumnal, go-to shade. An intense, oxblood hue that looks beautiful on the nails without being too vampy. I have to admit though moving towards the autumnal moody hues of  burgundies and berries on lips, can be intimidating as hell to me. So, this autumn I am going for a softer around the edges look by gently dabbing with my fingertips Maybelline’s gorgeous "Berry Much" (here) on my lips to get a berry stain effect. Although I like the opaqueness of Maybelline’s Color Drama (here) matte lip pencil, I tend to add some lip balm on top for a bit of sheen to make the look extra berry chic!

Talking about seasonal changes, I can see Miss Dior becoming my autumnal signature perfume. A rich, feminine floral scent with delicate notes of neroli and Damascus rose complimented with Indonesian patchouli is perfect for autumn.

Come on! Shelve your fears, take the plunge and embrace warm browns, plum purples and dusty roses, as the days turn moodier.